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Do you scan
data or
added value? Intelligent digitizing
supports intelligent processes
within your company.

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Those who aim
to succeed
need to go
their own way. Gaining a competitive advantage means
means getting ahead of the rest.
Custom solutions
let your balance sheets glow.

Ready2go! scan2data modules
for those who want to get off
to a flying start.

We bring intelligence to digitization.

Those who want to think
out of the box
need to understand the box. Our scan2data products
provide added value as standard:
plug and play for Lexmark environments.

We have learned, listened, and observed. We understand every detail of the box.

The result: our ready2go modules. Intelligent digitization begins right here at the device. To generate added value straight away, all you need is a Lexmark multi-function device and exapture’s scan2data store.

Are you ready2go?

Since 2014, banks have been required to process transfer forms on the same day. This is lucrative for the courier service commissioned. Not so for the banks. An exapture scan not only reduces courier costs but also takes care of recording the data.

Assign file names at the device and send documents directly to the required recipient with your e-mail address as the sender.

Simply send printed correspondence electronically by e-mail and save yourself the effort of an in-house delivery service or mailboxes.

The assistant to the CEO should also have more extensive rights for the multi-function device than an apprentice? Not a problem with the individual rights management of scan2folder – and you can even assign a file name during the scanning process.

Press the button on the multi-function device to digitize documents in a single step and assign them to the correct customer record in your archive.

Send a print command from your PC and then use your card or password to collect the documents from any Lexmark multi-function device. With follow-me or secure printing, it really is that simple.

Membership applications, exemption orders, advertising flyers – documents that are needed regularly at different locations can be simply stored centrally on the server and retrieved or printed out on a multi-function device at the touch of a button as required.

You’ve got paper, a goal, and a unique requirement? exapture will also find new ways to ensure that you too are ready2go.

You use papercut and want to scan individually and personalized? Then you are ready2go with our integration into the papercut architecture. Register once at the Papercut Terminal and all scan targets are personalized.

Get to know exapture fast and easy.

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