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Do you scan
data or
added value? Intelligent digitizing
supports intelligent processes
within your company.

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Those who aim
to succeed
need to go
their own way. Gaining a competitive advantage means
means getting ahead of the rest.
Custom solutions
let your balance sheets glow.

m Ready2go! scan2data modules
for those who want to get off
to a flying start.

We bring intelligence to digitization.

Solutions should be
as tailor-made
as the content of your
documents. From papyrus to PDF – a 5000-year span.
And paper still plays a role?

The ancient Egyptians were among the first to use papyrus as an information carrier. But anyone who thinks – five thousand years on – that paper is no longer of relevance, fails to recognize the reality in many organizations. Transfer forms, contract documents, letters – paper will always be part of the process.

But the real questions are: How can valuable information in paper form be converted into operational processes? How reliably and efficiently can this be done? And how intelligently are value-enhancing process chains triggered at the same time?

To answer these questions, we analyze processes, resources, and – above all – your goals. In the course of this dialog, additional potential is often unveiled. This allows us to implement solutions for our partners that extract valuable information from unstructured documents and can be incorporated into company processes.

Customized solutions have the power to unleash an abundance of hidden energy from your paper.

That’s enough to make any Pharaoh jealous.

Workflows that impress.
Intelligent digitization put into practice.

Sparkasse Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen
Solutions for document scanning
New accounts, credit agreements, documents for signing... whenever transfer processes cost time and ultimately money, plusnetworks can offer faster and more economical solutions with scan2data. In the financial services sector or any other sector.
“Using the decentralized intelligent scanning capability of scan2data to scan all transfer forms allows us to ensure compliance with new Payment Services Directive (PSD) and save up to 40,000 courier kilometers annually.”
- Wolfgang Buck, head of IT at Sparkasse Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

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Kreissparkasse Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Solutions for document scanning
“What sets exapture apart is their extensive know-how and their flexibility in addressing special customer requirements. We are happy to be able to collaborate with such a competent partner.
Only exapture’s innovative solution enabled us to implement decentralized scanning of payment transaction records with our existing X466 and X656 Lexmark hardware in a way that is both user-friendly and practicable.”
- Josef Sebrich, organization IT, Kreissparkasse Garmisch-Patenkirchen

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Sparkasse Bremerhaven
Solutions for secure printing
exapture claims to meet the individual requests and requirements of its customers. The solution it developed specially for the Sparkasse bank in Aurich-Norden to enable the scanning of customer documents is evidence that this is not just an empty promise for publicity purposes.
Send the print command, take your ID card to the device, and pick up your confidential documents. That’s how simple and safe printing can be these days. The process costs that this kind of lean solution allows us to save are enormous.”
- Thorsten Frank, , system administrator at Sparkasse Bremerhaven

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Sparkasse Aurich-Norden
Scanning applications for identification documents
exapture claims to meet the individual requests and requirements of its customers. The solution it developed specially for the Sparkasse bank in Aurich-Norden to enable the scanning of customer documents is evidence that this is not just an empty promise for publicity purposes.
“In my eyes, exapture stands for individuality and flexibility. Our needs were identified and solutions were provided in a short space of time. We have been using these solutions on 70 devices for 4 years and are extremely satisfied.”
- Norbert Heine, IT organization at Sparkasse Aurich-Norden

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Kreissparkasse Osterholz
Solutions for secure printing
In introducing the scan2data solution “print2go”, the Kreissparkasse bank in Osterholz aimed to optimize the use of its printers, especially in sensitive areas. “Follow-me” printing enabled the customer to reduce the number of printers in many areas, and the new solution is also proving very popular with employees as they can see the benefits it brings.
“exapture’s support is outstanding. Whatever the problem, they provide a solution in next to no time.”
- Daniel Kreske, head of IT organization at Kreissparkasse

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Volksbank Alzey-Worms
Company-wide scanning applications
If obstacles are in your way and you need a helping hand, exapture is your perfect partner. Taking the customer’s requirements and specifications on board, exapture develops solutions that aim to provide efficient processes tailored to meet customer needs.
“exapture managed to transform our complex procedures into transparent, user-friendly processes.”
- Peter Schulz-Kraus, head of IT management at Volksbank Alzey.Worms eG

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Volksbank Braunschweig Wolfsburg
Company-wide scanning applications
Volksbank and Raiffeisenbank institutions throughout Germany deploy solutions from exapture. By integrating its solutions into industry-specific applications and cooperating with service providers and system partners, exapture has a wide-ranging portfolio that also benefits customers in other sectors.
“Even without bank21 document management, this is a real triumph – no question about it.”
- Andreas Rudek, head of IT management at Volksbank eG Braunschweig Wolfsburg

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Volksbank Leipzig
Solutions for archiving and document scanning
Our customers want to work easily, quickly, free of complications, and cost-effectively
– and we can enable them to do just that with scan2data®.
“Our workflows needed to be optimized so we can work more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We were able to achieve this thanks to our reliable partner exapture and its scan2data solutions.”
- Frank Köhler, organization/IT at Volksbank Leipzig

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Volksbank Bautzen
Solutions for archive scanning
Whether small systems with one device or large ones with hundreds of devices – exapture addresses the situation and creates the best possible solutions for your environment.
“exapture quickly identified with our high expectations in terms of security and data protection and, with its print2go product, was able to develop these into an efficient process.”
- Thomas Haase, head of organization/IT at Volksbank Bautzen eG

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Volksbank Maingau
Solutions for archive scanning
Each day, all the documents at Vereinigte Volksbank Maingau eG are now archived, e-mailed, and generated quickly and easily using 64 devices at 45 regional offices with the help of the scan2archiv, scan2e-Mail, and scan2ident modules.
“Working together with exapture is a real pleasure. They’re quick, proficient, and always willing to help.”
- Ms. Wilbert at VVB Vereinigte Volksbank Maingau eG

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Company-wide scanning applications
“Listen, understand, design, implement. That’s how I’ve experienced exapture in project work. Their knowledge, products, and quality of service are consistent with our consulting standards.”
„Zuhören, verstehen, konzipieren & handeln! So habe ich exapture in der Projektarbeit kennengelernt. Wissen, Produkt und Dienstleistungsqualität decken sich mit unserem Beratungsanspruch.“
- Jens Cordes, management consultant and project manager at PROCESS INNOVATION AG

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Volksbank Tettnang
Solutions for archiving and document scanning
“A service provider that keeps its promises – unbureaucratic, rapid response times, and expert consulting services.
After we’d replaced our entire printing system, we needed an accounting tool that enabled us to provide regular reports. Thanks to exapture, we managed to achieve this quickly and without any complications.”
- Helmut Brugger at Volksbank Tettnang eG

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Volksbank Dingolfing
Solutions for secure printing and archive scanning
“I think working together with plusnetworks is particularly worth mentioning. They always address customer requirements flexibly and individually with very rapid response times.
After just a day of test installation, we were impressed with their products. The solutions run smoothly and the users are very satisfied.”
- Klaus Hofbauer, head of IT/facility management at Volksbank-Raiffeisenbank Dingolfing eG

This implementation was a collaboration with COLLAS Bürowelt GmbH.

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Volksbank Euskirchen
Company-wide scanning applications
The new solutions, such as scan2e-Mail, also proved extremely popular with employees. The bank attributes this primarily to the existing application structure of the scan2data solutions.
”In introducing a new printer concept, our focus was on individualization, such as the interface to our own archive. Whenever we asked exapture a question, they always reassured us with the reply:‘That is no problem at all.’”
- Frank Prinz at Volksbank Euskirchen eG

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Ralf Huck Datentechnik
Connection to ticket system
TANSS is the service management solution for service and support companies. With scan2data integration, we provide convincing evidence for linking paper-based and digital processes.
“Being able to scan service reports into our service management solution TANSS at the click of a button is something that only exapture and Lexmark MFP have supported to date. This is added value for many of our customers.”
- Jens Cordes, management consultant and project manager at PROCESS INNOVATION AG

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Volksbank Wolfenbüttel-Salzgitter
Company-wide scanning applications
Volksbank Wolfenbüttel-Salzgitter eG has been using the scan2data solutions scan2e-Mail, scan2folder, scan2e-Post, scan2fax, scan2archiv, scan2ident, and print2go to scan, print, and route at 30 Lexmark multi-function devices since 2009.
“We were particularly impressed by the flexibility with which the solutions were customized to exactly meet our wishes and requirements.”
- Marc Urban, IT organization at Volksbank Wolfenbüttel-Salzgitter eG

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Volksbank St. Wendeler
Solutions for archive scanning
By implementing the payment transaction solution scan2counter, St. Wendeler Volksbank eG was able to reduce the number of daily courier journeys from its branches. The other scan2data solutions that were implemented also met with a high degree of approval as they are easy to use, and daily processes such as archiving have been greatly facilitated.
“We became aware of the solutions offered by exapture GmbH at an informational event organized by FIDUCIA IT AG. The solutions were implemented without a hitch because exapture immediately carried out all the individual adjustments and alterations we asked for.”
- E. Therre, IT organization at St. Wendeler Volksbank eG

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Barcode scanning solution
“Unbureaucratic, rapid response times and outstanding accessibility create an excellent level of cooperation.
exapture offers reliable products and provides excellent support through its qualified team of experts.”
- Prodromos Zachariadis, head of IT at M.K. ELECTRONIC GmbH

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Vereinigte Volksbank eG Dillingen
Solutions for archiving and document scanning
Vereinigte Volksbank eG wanted to speed up the process of transporting archiving and payment transaction documents and, at the same time, reduce its costs. The scan2data solutions from exapture GmbH also fulfilled the customer’s requirement for managing the applications centrally. The solutions’ ease of operation also makes them popular with the employees.
“The flexibility with which exapture GmbH addresses customers’ wishes is outstanding. Our IT employees also feel that the support they receive is excellent. The support team distinguishes itself with rapid, unbureaucratic assistance.”
- Jörg Heid, head of operations at Vereinigte Volksbank eG Dillingen – Dudweiler – Sulzbach/Saar

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PSD - Bank Westfalen-Lippe eG
Solutions for archive scanning
By implementing the scan2archiv solution from exapture GmbH, PSD Bank Westfalen-Lippe eG was able to introduce a convenient way of archiving documents independently. The bank is also particularly satisfied with exapture’s support service, which generally provided a solution to problems or requirements on the same day.

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Personalized scanning applications
By providing free trials quickly and easily, plusnetworks allows users to discover the practicability of the solutions and products for themselves.
“We were looking for a solid and reliable solution for secure printing and digitization that could be managed centrally. We were amazed at how exapture managed our project with impressive speed and flexibility.”
- Gerald Iwaniez, Systemadministrator, BTI Befestigungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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Scanning connection in d.3 Develop and SAP
Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer of drainage solutions and systems for water treatment and seepage.
“The solution causes no problems whatsoever during operation, and the flexibility and agility with which plusnetworks took our wishes on board during the implementation was quite unique.”
- Thomas Müller at Hauraton GmbH & Co. KG

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Berlin Recycling
Customized scanning applications
In particular, our long-standing business relations with companies such as Berlin Recycling GmbH are testament to the functionality and stability of our products and services.
“exapture provided us with a customized solution that enabled us to easily achieve our objective of optimizing our document workflow.”
- Stefan Suck, head of IT/head of customer service at Berlin Recycling GmbH

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Volksbank Untere Saar
Solutions for secure printing and archive scanning
“Our aim was to implement an efficient, practicable solution that enabled us to scan payment transaction documents centrally, and thus reduce the number of courier journeys, as well as to incorporate data into an archiving process without any significant additional outlay.
Professional expertise and reliability – working together with exapture is a pleasure. The employees’ rapid response times and extensive specialist know-how are really worth highlighting.”
- Andreas Klein, IT organization at Volksbank Untere Saar eG

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