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Do you scan
data or
added value? Intelligent digitizing
supports intelligent processes
within your company.

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Those who aim
to succeed
need to go
their own way. Gaining a competitive advantage means
means getting ahead of the rest.
Custom solutions
let your balance sheets glow.

Ready2go! scan2data modules
for those who want to get off
to a flying start.

We bring intelligence to digitization.

Human intelligence
is just too precious
to be wasted on
routine tasks.

Whether you need to complete regular documentation tasks, safeguard legal security, or simply accelerate your information logistics – with exapture you can make your company processes more cost-effective, more intelligent, and faster than before.

To meet this end, we develop tailor-made customized solutions or create added value “overnight” thanks to our intelligent module architecture.

Nice to get to know you! 

The advantages of
intelligent digitization
at a glance

While paper might be tolerant, company processes are not.

But the paper that transports the information needed by your processes typically adheres to rules, regulations, and – not to forget – your specific requirements. The shorter, the more efficient, and the better automated (in a nutshell, the more intelligent) your process for transferring information from paper to systems, the more economical and the faster your processes can be implemented.

So paper might be tolerant. But what about you?

Nowadays, (almost) anyone can scan. But intelligent digitization is more: It’s scanning. It’s extracting data. It’s populating systems. It’s involving people. All at the touch of a button.

Repetitive routine tasks that once demanded valuable personnel can now be automated by your intelligent digitization solution.

And you are free to focus on really important tasks.


What defines efficiency?

Sending documents to an e-mail address? Or scanning documents to a folder?

Defined and automated processes allow you to digitize your documents intelligently: It’s not just about scanning. It’s about extracting data, identifying information, and transferring these to your processes in a documented, goal-oriented manner.

This is what defines efficiency.

Manually transferring information on paper into digitized processes takes time. And time is money. Particularly when it’s the time of valuable employees.

Our proposal: Invest some time in intelligent digitization. And let this save you time with each activity that you previously handled with a conventional approach.

Scan by scan by scan...